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The Sisters of the Holy Rock

Rockin' the Real World!

The Sisters of the Holy Rock, a not-for-profit inter-denominational entertainment group which was formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the fall of 1993. Inspired by the "Sister Act" movies, starring Whoopi Goldberg, and under the direction of the Reverend Mother Carole "Whoopi" Stone, the group has grown to include approximately 80 people from all areas of Winnipeg and the surrounding rural communities. While this dedicated group makes a musical and spiritual difference in the communities where they perform, they also have an opportunity to grow musically and personally.

The "Sisters", dressed in their Traditional black and white nun-like habits are often described as "Talented and Teasing, Serious and Silly, Faithful and Frolicking, Holy and Hilarious". They present their own "Sister Act" with a repertoire of more than forty numbers, loaded with harmony, choreography, rhythm, humour and boundless energy. The group performs 30 concerts a year for fund raising events to audiences crossing all generations from children to seniors. The uplifting music and joyful spirit of the "Sisters" is contagious to their audiences, and often inspires standing ovations.

Since their debut on Winnipeg stages the Sisters of the Holy Rock have performed over 700 shows and entertained more than 300,000 people. Funds exceeding $3,250,000 have been generated for numerous organizations through "Sisters" performances. Featured frequently in the national and local media, the Sisters of the Holy Rock continue to be one of the most sought after entertainment groups in Manitoba.

For more information regarding "booking" the Sisters of the Holy Rock, please contact: Carole Stone, Director.

Needed Altos, Tenors and Basses